CBD for Hair and Nails

As the hemp market continues to grow, we are seeing CBD enter the world of beauty, with a wide array of products for the skin, hair, and even nails. CBD for hair and CBD for nails may sound gimmicky at first, but to dismiss them as fads would be underestimating the unique properties of cannabidiol and other hemp compounds that can potentially do wonders for these external areas of the body.

This piece will be exploring what cannabidiol can bring to both the hair and the nails, as you will likely be surprised by the vast array of potential benefits that can directly impact your beauty routine.   

How Does CBD Affect the Body?

CBD is a cannabinoid, and like all cannabinoids, it’s a compound that has the unique ability to bind to cannabinoid receptors located throughout the body, which belong to the body’s endocannabinoid system. These receptors are tasked with regulating localized bodily processes. Applying cannabidiol directly to the skin supports the ability to regulate processes relating to skin function, which extends to the health of the nails and hair, hence CBD for hair and nails on the market.How does VBD affect the Body?

Strengthening and Protecting the Hair Using CBD

Cannabidiol offers many unique properties that could be useful to the hair specifically. The hair’s health is largely dependent on the health of the scalp, which maintains the follicles of the hair as far as growth is concerned while stimulating oil production that determines how dry or oily the hair is. Further, scalp inflammation could lead to a wide range of issues including dandruff and hair loss.

Now, let’s discover some of the specific properties of CBD as they relate to hair.

Enhancing Hair Growth

The growth rate of hair is largely hormone-dependent, with certain hormone imbalances resulting in poor growth or, even worse, hair loss. It turns out that topical administration of cannabinoids like CBD to the hair follicles may improve hair growth, and studies have found that it can slow down the process of hair loss that typically occurs as we get older.  

Improving Scalp Health

Scalp health depends on a wide range of factors, both internal and external.  Excessive dryness due to poor weather conditions can cause the scalp to become irritated and inflamed, resulting in flakiness. Infections can cause the scalp to develop fungus that interferes with overall hair health. And, sebum production, which depends on hormones and internal health, can cause the scalp to become itchy if left unchecked.

As CBD is a regulating compound, it binds to cannabinoid receptors in the scalp that relate to all aspects of its health. This means that cannabidiol may offer a more widespread approach to managing the wellness of the scalp, directly improving the condition of the hair as a result.

Hair Health in General

Hair health is a complex array of factors that must work together to keep the hair in exceptional condition. Again, because of the regulatory nature of cannabinoids like cannabidiol, applying CBD products to the hair can potentially benefit it in numerous ways. When the scalp is operating at its highest level, with the follicles being regulated to function properly, the hair can become silkier, faster-growing, softer, and more manageable.

CBD for Oily Hair

According to research, CBD offers sebostatic properties.  Sebostatic refers to the production of sebum, the oil naturally secreted by the follicles to protect hair and keep it moisturized. But certain dietary, hormonal, and health-related factors can cause sebum production to go into overdrive, causing the hair to become oily and greasy as a result. By applying cannabidiol to the scalp, you may find that it curbs sebum production so that the hair loses its oily texture.

CBD for Dry Hair

As you can now see, too much sebum production can be a bad thing. But so can inadequate sebum production. As we said, a complex variety of factors determine the rate at which sebum is secreted by the follicles, and these factors can cause not enough sebum to be produced. This results in hair that is dry, frizzy, and brittle, and prone to damage while having a dull appearance. By balancing sebum production with its sebostatic properties, the cannabidiol may help to ensure that sebum production is adequate, bringing shine and moisture back to hair by improving its production.

CBD for Healthy Nails

CBD for nails works on a similar principle as CBD for hair. The same functions of CBD that can be applied to the health of the scalp relate to the health of the nails, including anti-inflammatory properties that can keep the nails looking and feeling their best.CBD for Healthy Nails Furthermore, the antimicrobial properties of cannabidiol may fend off infections of all kinds, including viral, fungal, and bacterial, which can cause the nails to take on an unsightly appearance and potentially lead to poor health consequences.

CBD in Manicure and Pedicure Services

Because of CBD’s potential uses for nail health, it is not surprising that more spas are offering manicure and pedicure services with specially formulated hemp-infused products, using CBD as their main active ingredient. These formulas are massaged generously into the nails and surrounding skin to supply these areas with ample cannabinoid levels that quickly absorb through the skin and bind to cannabinoid receptors as needed. They may also soothe the skin with the calming properties of hemp, which can be useful if your fingers and toes are irritated due to harsh weather or chemical exposure.

Organic Cosmetics with CBD

It really is no surprise that there is an overlap between the organic cosmetics market and the CBD market. CBD comes from hemp that is almost always grown organically to preserve the quality of the compounds in the plant, and being a holistic product, it appeals to those who prioritize organic beauty products.Organic cosmetics with CBDIt is easy nowadays to find fully that are infused with active levels of hemp extracts rich in CBD. These products tend to be gentler on the body and offer their effectiveness that comes from natural plant properties.