CBD in a Vape Pens? The Benefits

If you’ve been looking for a new way to experience CBD, then you might want to get into a CBD vape pen. So, what is CBD in a vape pen? Well, in short, it is a vaping device that’s conveniently filled with a CBD-infused e-liquid. CBD vape benefits are unique and can really help you take your daily routine to the next level.

So, besides just answering the question, what are CBD vape pens?” we will be discussing the best options on the market today, as well as how these vape pens compare to popular CBD vape kits and CBD cartridges.

What are CBD Vape Pens?

CBD vape pens are simply all-in-one vape pens consisting of a battery that is fully charged and an attached cartridge containing CBD e-liquid. They are maintenance-free and arrive fully assembled, and do not even need to be charged. Vaping CBD offers a unique way to experience the effects of the compound, as the CBD absorbs through the lung tissue for amazingly fast and potent effects. Typically, vaping CBD gives you effects within minutes that last for about an hour.What are CBD vape pens?CBD vape pens are made to be user-friendly and highly portable, so that beginners can get started on a routine with just about zero effort on their part.  Plus, they are known to perform reliably, delivering satisfying puffs of cannabidiol-rich vapor from the first to last puff. They come in various milligram strengths (potency levels) as well as flavors or strains, so that you can enjoy plenty of options.

The Benefits of CBD Vape Pens

CBD vape pens may be particularly beneficial to those new to CBD who are looking for a very easy way to explore the effects of this unique hemp-derived compound. Inhaling the compound, as we said, is a fast and potent delivery method, and the user can control their dosing based on the number of hits they take. Because the effects are short-lived, the user can enjoy multiple CBD sessions in a day, on an as-needed basis.

Flavors of CBDFx’s Best CBD Vape Pens

Now, let’s talk about CBDfx’s best CBD vape pens, as their vape pens are lauded as some of the most exceptional and reliable ones that are on the market today. We’re going to go over each CBD vape pen flavor that they have to offer so you can choose the one that most appeals to your taste buds.

Note that each flavor offered by CBDfx is in fact a strain of the hemp plant, meaning that the flavor comes from the unique blends of terpenes that naturally occur in that particular breed of hemp. Each strain offers distinctive effects due to the properties of specific terpenes found in the hemp plant.

Sour Diesel: Sour Diesel is a sativa strain, and it’s known for being energizing and enhancing focus and motivation. It has a strong diesel-like flavor with notes of sourness.

Blue Dream: Blue Dream is a hybrid strain known for offering deep feelings of relaxation paired with strong cerebral effects and euphoria. It has a tasty berry-like flavor profile.

Platinum Rose: Platinum Rose is an indica-dominant hybrid with a fruity, floral flavor and deep calming effects.

Pineapple Express: With its delicious tropical fruit flavor profile, Pineapple Express offers energizing properties as well as the potential to boost your creativity.

OG Kush: OG Kush has a skunky, spicy flavor profile, and is known for promoting feelings of euphoria that can last for quite a long time.

Gelato: Gelato gets its name from its creamy gelato-like flavor, and it’s a hybrid strain mostly noted for its ability to relax both the mind and body. It can also potentially enhance creativity.CBDFx's Best Vape Pens

The Benefits of CBD Vape Kits

The CBD vape pens listed above are exceptional choices for those who want an easy approach to vaping their daily dose of hemp. But, if you’re looking for something more advanced, a CBD vape kit may be the way to go.

CBD vape kits give you more control over your cannabidiol vaping experience.  The CBD vape pen device usually has adjustable settings related to either wattage or voltage, which means you can decide how powerful each hit is. Plus, you don’t need to throw out the device as it’s separate from the cartridge. You just need to keep the battery charged.

When you use a CBD vape kit, you can enjoy a wider selection of CBD vape juice to choose from, because these devices are designed to be universally compatible with any standard 510-threaded vape cart. This means you can be more particular about the strain, strength, and overall formula of the product. They are still highly portable vaping systems that are very user-friendly and do not require a lot of effort to maintain.

What are CBD Vape Kits and CBD Cartridges?

A CBD vape kit refers to a kit consisting of a battery device and a pre-filled cartridge. The cartridge attaches to the battery by screwing into place, and the device feeds power from the battery to the coil inside the cartridge to vaporize the e-liquid.

You can find all kinds of vape kits on the market, ranging from highly advanced hardware to super user-friendly setups. The cartridge itself needs to be replaced when the e-liquid runs out, as it’s not refillable. This means that you need to regularly purchase new CBD cartridges to maintain your vaping hobby. The good news is that cartridges are widely available, and as we said earlier, you can choose from a huge variety of options that are on the market.CBD vape kits and cartridgesJust as a word of warning, you should never attempt to use a CBD cartridge with a box mod made for nicotine vaping, and likewise, you should never use a sub-ohm vape tank with a CBD vape pen. These hardware components are not compatible with each other, and the results could be dangerous with either of these non-compatible configurations.