Of all of the different ways to experience the unique and exciting properties of the hemp plant, vaping easily remains the most popular choice of all. This delivery method gives us the ability to inhale cannabidiol and other hemp compounds directly into the lungs for a more on-demand approach to taking CBD.

If you look around that the hemp vaping industry, you’ll undoubtedly find that today’s market offers a massive array of CBD vaping goods, available in all kinds of different forms, flavors, strengths and more. Choice is a good thing, as we know that there are so many subjective factors that determine whether or not a particular CBD product will satisfy the user’s needs and desires.  

But, if you’re a beginner, you could understandably feel intimidated by the huge selection that is available. Without a decent amount of knowledge about the industry and hemp itself, how can one know which type of vape product will bring them the most satisfaction, and bring them closer to reaching their goals?

Well, we’d like to help by offering a comprehensive guide to CBD vaping.  

Vaping vs. Smoking 

First, it’s important to know the key differences between smoking hemp and vaping it. Smoking involves a process which relies on combustion, as fire must be applied to the product in order to produce smoke that is inhaled into the lungs. Vaping is different. It involves a process of evaporation that turns the product into vapor, which is different from smoke.


Vaping hemp products is preferred over smoking by many for a few reasons. One is that vapor is smoother than smoke in terms of how it feels when it’s inhaled. Another is that vaping tends to be more discreet, as vapor is lighter than smoke and therefore doesn’t leave a heavy cloud after each exhale. Vapor dissipates into the air within seconds while smoke tends to linger, and the smell produced by vaping is milder than that of smoke.

What Vaping Offers Over Other Delivery Methods

Vaping is one of many delivery methods that exist on the hemp market, alongside tinctures, edibles and more. Vaping offers an experience quite unlike the other popular methods out there, as it has unique qualities that make it particularly appealing. 

Mainly, the act of inhaling cannabidiol into the lungs allows for fast-acting effects, as the CBD can peak within minutes of exhaling.Also, the effects are described as being felt more potently in the system. To expand on that point, vaping allows for a unique means of dosing, as rather than measuring out an exact amount of a CBD product, the user simply takes the desired number of hits until they experience the satisfaction that they were looking for.

Different Ways to Vape CBD

Now, we can break down the main types of CBD vaping products and explain what makes each one unique.DIFFERENT WAYS TO VAPE CBD

Bottled Vape Oil

Bottled vape oil is for those who wish to manually refill a vaping system with e-liquid.  Typically, this product comes in a dropper bottle, and the user pours the desired amount into the tank or cartridge of their vaping setup. This is ideal for those who use more advanced hardware that allows for various settings and vaping styles.

Pre-Filled Cartridges or pods

Pre-filled cartridges and pods are an incredibly popular choice, mainly because of how convenient they are, and the variety of options that are available. These are small glass cartridges that come pre-filled with CBD vape oil and feature an integrated coil that allows the liquid to turn into vapor when the battery is fired. They attach to a CBD vape pen, and when the e-liquid in the cartridge runs out, a new one takes its place. Typically, pre-filled cartridges come in a uniquely wide selection of strains, flavors, and strengths.

Disposable Devices

Disposable devices are quickly becoming a top-selling option, being the most user-friendly choice on the market. They consist of a battery that’s pre-attached to a cartridge, with the battery fully charged and the cartridge pre-filled with vape juice. They do not require any maintenance at all, as the user simply puffs on the device until the e-liquid runs out, at which time they dispose of the entire device in favor of a new one.

Hemp Flower

Hemp flower refers to the raw buds of the hemp plant and is also referred to as “CBD flower” or “hemp buds”. This is the purest form of hemp that there is, as you might have guessed.  To vape it, one requires a special type of vaporizer device made for this product. One advantage that hemp flower has over other vaping products is that it consists of nothing but the flower product, meaning there are no other ingredients added to it. Furthermore, because it’s the purest form of hemp, many believe it may be more bioavailable as it has not been tampered with in any way.


Also referred to as dabs, these products are highly concentrated forms of hemp, which include wax, rosin, hash, shatter, and sauce. Each have a unique consistency due to their highly concentrated nature, and therefore require a special type of device known as a dab pen. They are known mainly for being far more potent than standard hemp products described above.

Factors to Consider 

Now, let’s talk about the factors to take into account before choosing a specific CBD vaping product.

Concentration (Milligram Strength)

Aside from flower and concentrates, hemp vape goods come in a wide range of milligram strengths, with the number reflecting the number of milligrams of pure hemp in the formula. The higher the strength, the more potent the product is.


Many CBD vaping products are flavored, either naturally or artificially.


It’s wise to consider the other ingredients in a CBD e-liquid, as many different ingredients may be used. Some might be even beneficial. Others you could have a negative reaction to.

Maintenance and Ease of Use

You will want to consider the level of maintenance and user-friendliness that you prefer before choosing a specific type of product.


Of course, the quality matters tremendously. Always buy your vaping goods from a trusted and respected company, and make sure that they do third-party lab-testing.

CBD Isolate vs. Broad Spectrum vs. Full Spectrum

Finally, it’s good to take into account the type of hemp extract used in a vaping product, as there are three main kinds: CBD isolate, broad spectrum and full spectrum.  

  • CBD Isolate: Pure cannabidiol extract.
  • Broad Spectrum: An extract containing every compound that occurs in hemp, including CBD, but with the exception of THC.
  • Full Spectrum: Contains the complete array of compounds in hemp, including THC.

Start CBD Vaping Off Right

If you’ve chosen vaping as your preferred CBD delivery method, you’ll want to carefully consider which type of vaping product is right for you based on your needs, experience, desired potency level and other factors that must be taken into account.START CBD VAPING OFF RIGHT

With so many ways to vape CBD nowadays, you’d be surprised by how much one product can differ from another in terms of the experience it provides, and how adequately it helps you reach your personal goals with cannabidiol.