Bath or shower with CBD

More people are discovering unique and enjoyable ways to bring CBD into their daily routines, as the market is expanding at a rapid pace to incorporate all kinds of brilliant formulas that can be used for more specific types of desirable effects. One trend that we’re absolutely thrilled about is that of hemp-infused bath and shower products, which combine the fascinating science behind hemp with the art of self-care.

CBD bathing and shower goods come in all different kinds of formulas, with each type aimed at enhancing your daily cleansing routine in a whole new way.  This isn’t just some gimmick either. Incorporating cannabinoids and terpenes into your daily ritual can truly offer a lot to the body and mind.

Why Bath or Shower with CBD?

Bathing and showering are about a lot more than simply cleansing our bodies.  When done right, these two daily rituals can serve as self-care routines while simultaneously offering a variety of benefits. Simply soaking in hot water, as we do when we take a bath, can both relax the mind and ease tension within the muscles. Showering in warm water opens up the pores of the body to help us detoxify while making it easier to absorb nourishing ingredients directly into the body through the skin.Why Bath or Shower With CBDSome of us, however, are finding ourselves feeling stressed like never before. That why it’s more important to make showering or bathing a more therapeutic experience. One of the best ways to do this is to explore the array of cannabidiol-infused bath and shower products that are out there.

Studies that support this are: 

Therefore, it’s not a stretch to say that adding CBD to our washing ritual can offer some pretty unique benefits that transform a simple bath or shower into a self-care-oriented spa experience.

CBD Products for Bathing and Showering

Let’s cover some of the bath and shower products on the hemp market that is particularly exciting.CBD Products for Bathing and Showering

Bath Bombs

CBD bath bombs are a hot item these days, and it’s easy to see why. Bath bombs are small products molded into unique shapes and come in different colors and scents. Their base is composed of Epsom salts and baking soda, and so when a bomb is released into the water, it quickly fizzes and dissolves, distributing its ingredients evenly throughout the bath so that we can soak them in from head to toe.

Bath bombs made with hemp extract go further to provide a super user-friendly means for absorbing cannabinoids and terpenes into the body through the skin. They’re known for being relaxing and soothing and come in all kinds of fragrances, potency levels, colors, and shapes.


CBD skincare is the next big thing, as cannabinoid receptors have been found in hair follicles, indicating that they can regulate the function of the follicles in a useful way. Shampoos and conditioners enhanced with hemp can enhance your daily hair care routine while offering a natural alternative to many chemical-laden hair care products that are on the market today.


Many people don’t know that cannabinoids also offer an antimicrobial and antifungal activity that makes them great for cleansing. Therefore, it’s not surprising that CBD soaps are becoming a new big thing in the beauty world.  From traditional bar soaps to fragrant shower gels, these products give our bodies transdermal cannabinoid administration while cleansing away germs, grease, and dirt that can clog the pores.

Shaving Products

Is your skin prone to irritation, which makes shaving a serious pain? Razor burn can happen to those of us with more sensitive skin, which is why we’re so jazzed about cannabidiol-infused shaving products, like shaving lotions and shaving balms. We know that hemp has a soothing nature that helps calm irritation, and so it’s the perfect addition to anyone’s shaving routine if they wish to say goodbye to red, irritated follicles and pores.

Bath Salts

Who doesn’t love bath salts? This magnesium-rich product offers loads of benefits to the body, as this mineral can ease muscle pains while aiding in sleep and stress relief when absorbed through the skin. Enhancing bath salts with cannabidiol allows you to soak in a tub that’s infused with pure hemp goodness, all while letting the bath salts themselves work their magic throughout the body.

Lotions and Creams

Of course, self-care doesn’t need to stop once you drain the tub or step out of the shower. Immediately following a head-to-toe cleansing comes the moisturizing of the skin, as this is the perfect time to do so given how open the pores of the skin are from the warmth of the water. CBD lotions and creams can do double duty, allowing transdermal absorption of the compounds in hemp while promoting soft, supple skin all over the body.Lotions and Creams

What to Look for in a Bath or Shower Product Made with Hemp

Now that you know how CBD may be able to make your bath or shower routine even better, let’s talk about what to look for in this type of product to ensure you get the best results.


Of course, quality matters with any cannabidiol product, so look for a trusted company with positive reviews and the availability of third-party lab reports, which show that they have their hemp thoroughly tested by a third-party, unbiased laboratory.

Proper Strength

Like other hemp goods, CBD bath and shower products come in different milligram strengths, with higher strengths being more potent. Choose strength based on how strong you want the CBD to be.

A Clean Formula

It’s always good to go with natural formulas that don’t use harsh chemicals to produce the desired effects. Plant-based ingredients are gentler on the body, and besides that, some chemicals may disrupt the stability of the hemp compounds.

CBD Isolate, Broad Spectrum or Full Spectrum Extract

Choose between one of the three types of hemp extracts based on your needs.  CBD isolate is just pure cannabidiol, while full-spectrum hemp boasts every compound in the hemp flower, including every cannabinoid, terpene, and nutrient, THC included. Broad-spectrum is the THC-free alternative to full spectrum.  

Extra Notes

For showering and bathing, a full-spectrum may be the best choice, as each compound in hemp is capable of delivering a desirable result. Keep in mind that the THC level in hemp is legal and non-psychoactive, so it won’t get you high or into legal trouble. 

Also, if you have any allergic reactions to certain smells or chemicals, stop using immediately and consult with your doctor or dermatologist for the best course of action.

A Euphoric Bathing or Showering Experience Awaits

With all kinds and types of hemp-infused products made for showering and bathing rituals, there’s something unique for everyone. Explore our selection that’s available to turn your daily cleansing routine into a spectacularly soothing and gratifying session.