Best Ways Using Hemp Flowers

There’s a growing trend throughout the CBD industry, and it’s hemp flower.  Hemp flower, also referred to as CBD flower and CBD buds, allows us to experience hemp in its rawest, purest and most natural form, making it highly appealing to those who value bioavailability and products that have not been tampered with in any way.  

What is Hemp Flower, and How is it Made?

First, we’d like to offer some background on hemp flower for those who don’t still quite grasp what it is, and how it differs from other CBD products. Hemp flower is the raw and pure form of hemp, consisting of the buds that have been picked from the hemp plant and collected. What is Hemp Flower? How Is It Made?The flowering buds of the female hemp plant are where we access CBD (cannabidiol) as well as other compounds that we desire, including a vast and diverse array of cannabinoids, terpenes, nutrients and more.  

Hemp flower is untouched, so to speak, compared to methods that rely on extraction processes and purification measures.

Different Types of Hemp Flower

No two hemp flower products are alike, as you’ll see shortly the ways in which they can differ.

Unique Strains

Hemp flower comes in a rich variety of strains, with each strain referring to the specific breed of hemp. Each strain has its own chemical composition based on its unique configuration of cannabinoids and terpenes. As each compound has its own effects, each strain can affect you in a slightly different way.  


You can purchase hemp flower in various quantities, which are almost always measured out according to the gram.


This is based on the quality of the crops themselves, age, and handling methods. With flower products, you want to know the product is fresh, as age can cause the compounds to degrade and lose their potency.

How to Use Hemp Flower: Best Methods According to Hemp Enthusiasts

A large number of CBD enthusiasts might be wondering what the best way is to utilize this product type to its fullest potential.  In order to do so, you must remember that CBD flower is a highly versatile product. This means you can use it in a number of ways based upon preference.How To Use Hemp Flower

Smoking Flower in a Pipe or Bong

The most common and oldest method, you can find a wide variety of pipes and bongs out there, each e having its own unique size, shape, and even visual design. Larger ones have bowls of an enlarged size, which means that you can smoke more flower products per bowl. Smaller ones are great for portability and are easier to store away when not in use.

Smoking hemp flower is the most bioavailable method, providing super-fast effects. These effects are also more potent due to this delivery method. All you need to do is break up the buds using your hand or a grinder (the preferred choice), and insert them into the bowl, making sure not to pack it too tight so that air can flow in between and produce a nice hit of smoke.

Rolling Hemp Flower in Paper

Roll it up in paper or alternatively, purchase hemp pre-rolls, which do the work for you by providing raw flower buds neatly rolled up into paper.

If you choose to go roll your own, you’ll need to have rolling papers on hand.  It’s easier to find a suitable rolling paper material nowadays, and many opt for natural materials like rice paper and bamboo. Some use tobacco leaves, but this is if they also want to deliver nicotine into their body.

It’s best to roll up a couple days’ worth at a time, because making too many pre-rolls can cause the hemp to either dry out or become too moist, which each presents its own unique problems. The size of your roll determines how much hemp you will need to inhale in order to complete it.

Using it in a Vaping Device

These days, you can find special vaporizers made specifically for flower. It’s important that if you choose to vape your buds, you go with this type of device, as sticking them into any old vaporizer can cause the product to burn or simply fail to produce any vapor at all.

If you’re going to go this route, make sure to select a high-quality vaping system from a trusted brand, and that you know how to use it by reading the included user manual so as to ensure the best experience possible.  

Vaping flower compared to smoking it does offer some unique advantages:  

  • More discreet when out and about.
  • Vapor dissipates at a quicker rate, leaving behind less of a smell.
  • Better portability, especially when on the go.
  • Vaporizers come with various output options that let you choose the strength of each hit.
  • The effects take a bit more time with every draw. 

Making Hemp Edibles

Many people are making edibles with their flower buds, and this is a great way to utilize this type of product. Edibles are different from inhalable products in that they take longer to take effect but can produce effects for hours longer than vaping goods, which tend to wear off within the hour.Making Hemp Edibles

Making edibles with hemp flower is actually easier than it may sound. The key is knowing the importance of maintaining the proper temperature, so that the compounds don’t degrade.  

  1. You need to make a hemp butter or oil for cooking purposes
  2. Slow cook the flower buds in the fat at a low temperature. 
  3. Use this fat as you would any other in your recipe, distributing it evenly so that each serving has the ideal dose.

Dosing can be a complicated manner if you’re new to hemp, because it can be hard to know how many milligrams per piece are appropriate for your needs.  This is why we suggest finding an existing recipe online and modifying it to suit your preferences in terms of flavor.  

Note: When cooking or baking with hemp flower, DO NOT let your product exceed 350 degrees.

Making Hemp Topicals

You can use the same fat-infusion method to produce topicals. Once you have your hemp-infused oil or plant butter, you can add other ingredients to produce a salve, balm, lotion, cream, massage oil or other type of formula that can be applied to the skin.

Clearly, Hemp Flower is a Highly Versatile Product 

It offers some unique benefits over other types of cannabidiol products and can be enjoyed in numerous ways. Finding hemp flower today is easier than it ever has been due to high demand and companies responding with a wide array of flower products. With this increasing supply and demand, the hemp flower market looks good for years to come.