What Exactly are CBD Beverages?

CBD beverages are simply drinks that use CBD as their active ingredient. They can contain CBD isolate, giving the body pure cannabidiol, or can be made with a diverse selection of hemp compounds, providing the body with additional cannabinoids and terpenes on top of CBD.CBD Beverages

CBD Beverages Compared to Other Types of CBD Products

So, what makes drinkable CBD products unique from other delivery methods that we’re more accustomed to?  

Easy to Consume Daily

They come in the form of beverages that we already consume and provide the user with a super user-friendly means for consumption.

A Unique Bioavailability Factor

By consuming CBD in liquid form, it may absorb into the body more efficiently, which means that it may be more bioavailable than many other methods that a lot of us have tried. The more easily the cannabidiol and other hemp compounds absorb into the body’s cells, the faster the effects are, the longer they last and the more potent they become, which may result in more effectiveness overall. 

How CBD Beverages are Made

CBD beverages start with high-quality female industrial hemp, which produces buds that are rich in cannabinoids like CBD as well as other desirable compounds, including a rich array of nutrients that are often overlooked, such as vitamins and omega fatty acids. The hemp is extracted using a high-quality extraction method that separates the desirable compounds from the plant material.How CBD Beverages are Made  

Once this extract is produced, it can be added to a beverage formula.  It’s important to note that a CBD drink can be made with one of two types of hemp extract.  

  • Fat-soluble hemp, which natural result of standard extraction methods.  This is good for making coffee, as the fat binds with the natural oils of coffee beans.
  • Water-soluble hemp, which requires an extra step during the manufacturing process, which relies on nanotechnology to change the molecules of the hemp extract so that they can dissolve in liquid.  This doesn’t just allow for a homogenized product, but also enhances bioavailability further by allowing the water molecules to bond with the water in the body’s cells for easier and more complete absorption.

Different Potency Levels

Like most cannabidiol-based products, CBD beverages come in a variety of potency levels, measured by the milligram strength. Therefore, when choosing one, you’ll want to pay attention to the strength as well as the ingredients.Different Beverage Types  

Effects of CBD Beverages

CBD beverages behave similarly to edibles in that they can take a bit longer to take effect than other methods – usually 30 minutes to an hour. They can provide longer-lasting effects than other methods, lasting for up to 4 or 5 hours. The effects are a bit more subtle than vapes, but most people note that they can feel the hemp at work in their body.

Different Beverage Types

Now, let’s go over some of the most popular CBD drinkable forms currently on the market.

CBD Energy Drinks

No doubt are becoming increasingly popular, relying on the fact that hemp may regulate energy levels for a more natural and comfortable type of energy boost.  These drinks may also be formulated with natural energy enhancers such as B Vitamins.  They can come in the form of a shot or a full-sized bottled beverage and are often available in a wide range of flavors.


CBD coffee is also immensely popular, and we know that cannabidiol and coffee work synergistically, balancing out each other’s effects in a way that is quite desirable. The CBD extract is combined with the coffee beans, and as we said earlier, the two fats bond with each other to allow for easy absorption into the body. CBD coffee comes in whole beans, ground and in the form of pods.  You might also find CBD cold brew products in bottles which allow for on-demand cups of joe.


CBD tea is a growing trend in the hemp industry, and it combines hemp with tea leaves of all different kinds of varieties, both caffeinated and herbal. It can be available in loose tea or pre-filled into bags for easy portion control. Some CBD-infused teas infuse tea leaves with hemp extract, while others put the raw, broken up buds of the hemp plant into the tea, which allows for a rawer form of the compounds we desire in hemp.

Powdered Beverages

Powdered beverages are powders that can be mixed with any liquid, including water or juice. They may last longer on the shelf due to being dehydrated and allow you to decide how much CBD you want per serving, while also allowing you to explore a wider array of beverages.

Incorporating a CBD Beverage into Your Routine

If you’re looking to make CBD beverages a part of your daily routine, allow us to help. First, you’ll need to choose a high-quality product from a trusted source, and look for lab-testing, as you would with any other type of CBD product.  You’ll want to select the right milligram strength for your needs, and choose a formula that’s ideal for taking daily, as in one that doesn’t have too much sugar.

You can take a CBD drink along with another delivery method on a daily basis if you choose, so don’t feel that you need to replace your current routine with a cannabidiol-infused drink.  

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