How to Choose CBD Capsules

Of all of the different ways to take cannabidiol on a daily basis, capsules are, without a doubt, one of the most user-friendly options. In fact, there are more capsule formulas on the market than ever before, each promising to give you a hemp experience that will help you reach your goals while offering the highest-quality CBD available. The thing is, however, that not all CBD capsules are created equally.

What are CBD Capsules?

CBD capsules are relatively self-explanatory. They’re like ordinary capsules that we take daily, except they use hemp as their active ingredient. They allow us to consume our daily dose of cannabidiol in a super user-friendly way, because each capsule contains an equal amount of hemp extract that lets us stay on top of our daily amount easily.What are CBD capsules? Can be taken with or without food and consumed at any time of day, all based on when the user wants the effects to peak.

Encapsulated CBD offers a unique type of delivery method that many enjoy.  While faster-acting delivery methods like vapes can take effect within minutes but wear off within an hour, capsules do the opposite essentially, providing long-lasting effects that may require about an hour before they peak. Reports out there also show that one dose of capsules gets them through the day, while others find that one dose in the morning and one in the evening helps them sustain cannabinoid levels throughout the body in ways that are favorable.

Can CBD Capsules Be Taken with Other CBD Products?

Yes, they can definitely be taken with other types of hemp-based products containing cannabidiol. CBD is legal, non-psychoactive, and nontoxic. Hence, there are no major risks associated with doubling up on doses through two different delivery methods. How much you take of each product in terms of milligram and dosage, and how long you space out each dosage determine the effects of combining different formulas.

How are CBD Capsules Made?

All hemp capsules begin with, of course, the hemp plant. The flowering buds are where you’ll access the rich array of desirable compounds including cannabinoids like CBD, plus terpenes, nutrients and flavonoids. When making capsules, hemp flower buds are picked and put through an extraction process that almost always relies on the use of CO2 to ensure a stable product. Then, this extract is put into a capsule, and sometimes mixed with other ingredients.How are CBD capsules made?

What to Consider When Looking to Start a New CBD Capsule Routine

Now, let’s go over the main things to take into account when shopping for a new CBD capsule to incorporate into your routine.

Softgels vs. Hard Capsules

Softgels are more common than hard capsules. That’s because they’re easier to produce and may absorb faster into the body. But you can find both on the market, and it ultimately comes down to personal preference.

Product Quality

The quality matters a great deal, because sadly, not all hemp capsules are created equally. One CBD softgel formula can seem identical to the other, until you read the fine print. Look for a company that has a solid reputation backed up with plenty of good reviews. Even more importantly, look for lab reports from a third-party, as these unbiased lab reports break down the purity, chemical composition and other factors that determine overall quality. Any legitimate company should have these lab reports accessible on their website.

Type of Hemp Extract

CBD capsules can be made with one of three types of hemp extract, as we’ll explain in detail.

  • CBD Isolate: A Hemp extract containing pure cannabidiol, which has been isolated from the other compounds in the hemp plant and concentrated. Cannabidiol alone has many known properties that can be useful to the human system.
  • Broad Spectrum: An extract consisting of every compound that exists in the hemp flower, except for THC. This means that it provides you with numerous cannabinoids, nutrients, and terpenes.
  • Full Spectrum: A hemp extract that consists of every compound that naturally occurs in the buds of the hemp plant. Each dose gives you every cannabinoid, nutrient, terpene and flavonoid as it exists in nature, including the trace amount of THC in hemp. Note that this trace amount will not produce psychoactive effects and is legal. Also, it has the additional advantage of producing the entourage effect, which refers to the synergistic nature of the whole chemical composition that may result in more effectiveness of each individual compound.Type of hemp extract

Milligram Strength

Like virtually all CBD products on the market, capsules come in a wide array of milligram strengths. This number reflects the number of milligrams that you consume per dose. Most people find that 20 to 30 milligrams per day are adequate, but factors like body weight and the severity of your symptoms determine how much you should take per day to experience the desired effects.

Other Ingredients

CBD capsules can contain additional active ingredients besides just hemp extract. Many capsules on the market are formulated for specific purposes by combining hemp with other natural ingredients that produce unique effects.

  • CBD Capsules for Sleep: Intended for sleep typically combine hemp with melatonin, a sleep-inducing hormone that’s gentle on the body.
  • CBD Capsules for Energy: Meant for energy, they may be boosted with B Vitamins or other natural energy regulators that occur in nature, such as certain herbs that help regulate energy levels throughout the day.
  • CBD Capsules for Relaxation: Made for stress and anxiety, they may improve relaxation by blending CBD with natural calming agents like lavender or valerian root.
  • CBD Capsules for Pain: Used for pain relief, they may contain nutrients that support the body’s natural healing process through anti-inflammatory activity, such as turmeric.
  • CBD Capsules for Nutrition: Some capsules on the market contain a diverse array of nutrients so that each dose gives the body CBD along with essential nutrition.
  • CBD Capsules for Concentration: May contain nootropics known for cognitive effects, such as L-theanine or 5-htp.
  • CBD Capsules for Blood Sugar Support: Mainly blend cannabidiol with natural blood sugar regulators such as cinnamon bark.

Extraction Method Used

It’s important to pay attention to the company’s preferred extraction method. CO2 is considered the best method because it helps the compounds maintain their stability, so they don’t break down and lose their potency shortly after purchase. Also produces a highly pure product as it doesn’t depend on the use of solvents.

Water-Soluble vs. Fat-Soluble

Some capsules contain fat-soluble hemp, and others water-soluble hemp. While both can be ultimately quite effective, water-soluble extracts may be more bioavailable because they absorb into the cells of the body more efficiently.

Your Doctor’s Advice

That’s right, your doctor is the only person who is authorized to provide medical advice, as only they know the unique needs of your body on top of any medications you’re currently on.

Getting the Most Out of Each CBD Capsule Regimen

CBD capsules come in a wide variety of choices, which can be intimidating to the beginner. However, as you can see, once you know what to look for, and after speaking with your doctor or clinical physician, from there you can easily find the best formula for your body’s individual needs and your personal goals.