ERTH - CBD Concentrate - 99%+ Pure Isolate - 1000mg


CBD Milligrams: 1000mg

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ERTH CBD Concentrate 99%+ Pure Isolate

Customize your CBD intake to your pleasure. This guaranteed 99%+ pure CBD can be used in MCT Oils, Almond Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, as well as your favorite food and drink. If none of that suits you, it can be safely taken by mouth directly, or applied topically.

ERTH CBD Concentrate 99%+ Pure Isolate is CO2 extracted from the hemp plant, and ready to make your routine more chilling and less stressful. Ranging from 1000 up to 3000mg.

NOTE: When measuring this product, it is highly recommended to use a scale that measures in milligrams (d=.01g) or purchase a 10 mg scooper online.

Lab Reports

99%+ Pure CBD Isolate from Hemp - 1000mg-3000mg by ERTH Lab Report

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