Fruit Monster CBD - CBD Vape - Mango Peach Guava - 600mg-2400mg


CBD Milligrams: 600mg

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Fruit Monster CBD CBD Vape Mango Peach Guava 

If you love fruit mix cocktails or smoothies then we developed our Fruit Monster CBD CBD Vape Mango Peach Guava just for you. 

Our vape juice has the perfect blend of sweet peach, juicy mango and tasty guava notes that will make you look forward to summer. Our product is rich in CBD as well so it will give you amazing after effects of relaxation and reduction of stress and anxiety. 

Get yourself our CBD vape juice and worry no more about stressful days or sleepless nights, just enjoy the fruity blend flavor all day long and relax. 

Fruit Monster CBD is a brand that focuses on producing CBD vape juice that is a blend of 2 or more fruits. We provide the best flavor ant the purest CBD in our products. 

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