Goldleaf Spektrum - CBD Tincture - Sweet Mint - 600mg


CBD Milligrams: 600mg

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Goldleaf Spektrum CBD Tincture Sweet Mint 

Love the refreshing taste of mint and enjoy the relaxing medical effect of CBD why not try a tincture flavored with mint; Goldleaf Spektrum CBD Tincture Sweet Mint. 

Naturally flavored with mint notes and lightly sweetened using pure stevia for a smooth & enjoyable experience. Our product will give you refreshing breath and feeling. 

Our tincture is rich in CBD that will improve your health by reducing your stress, anxiety, pains and depression while improving focus and night sleep. 

You can add the product into your drinks or take full dropper and apply it under your tongue allowing you to absorb as much as possible of CBD. Each dropper contains 20 mg of CBD. 

Enjoy the lovely and refreshing taste of mint and relaxing effect of CBD. 


- Full Spectrum CBD Oil
- MCT Oil
- Natural Flavors
- Pure Stevia

Goldleaf Spektrum is American company that specializes in producing all kind of CBD products with amazing quality and for competitive prices as they only sell their products online.

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