Gorilla CBD Banana Custard Vape Juice 30ml


Strength: 600mg

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Gorilla CBD Banana Custard Vape Juice

Love the taste of banana custard dessert then we got you the exact flavor in a vape in addition to beneficial CBD in our product of Gorilla CBD Banana Custard Vape Juice.

Its about fragile pastry like CBD treat that will knock your socks off. This vape juice picks fresh and ready bananas mixes them for a sweet smoothie and blends in the richness of delicately whipped custard. 

Our product is rich in CBD so it will give you relaxation after vaping, remove any pains and inflammations in your body, reduces your stress and anxiety, elevates your mood and improves your sleep. 

Our product can be used as a vape or a tincture. Both options are beneficial for your health. Purchase the product now and stay relaxed and refreshed. 

Lab Report

Gorilla CBD is a brand famous for producing CBD vape juices that are rich in flavor and pure CBD. The flavors of this company are unusual yet amazingly tasty. 

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