Gorilla CBD Grape Vape Juice 30ml


Strength: 600mg

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Gorilla CBD Grape Vape Juice 

Who doesn't enjoy grapes... guess no one hates grapes how about vaping it with CBD in our Gorilla CBD Grapes Vape Juice. It a combination of relaxation and tasty sweet notes. 

Our product has an amazing flavor of refreshing grapes. Our product could be used as a tincture or vaping juice. If you want to use the product as a tincture then apply full dropper under your tongue keeping it for 30 seconds and then swallowing the product.

Our vape juice is very beneficial as the CBD in it would help you relax, reduce your stress, improve your sleep and regulate your mood. Purchase our vape product and enjoy the flavor and say goodbye to your daily stress. Free of THC.

    Lab Report

    Gorilla CBD is a brand famous for producing CBD vape juices that are rich in flavor and pure CBD. The flavors of this company are unusual yet amazingly tasty.  


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