Gorilla CBD Strawberry Custard Vape Juice 30ml


Strength: 1200mg

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Gorilla CBD Strawberry Custard Vape Juice

Have you ever encountered a CBD inserted in delicate rich custard with sun-kissed strawberries? Believe it or not, Gorilla CBD Strawberry Custard Vape Juice is the product that can provide you with that.

The whipped rich custard has a flavor that will make your mouth water and sweet tooth dance. Our vaping juice can be used as a vaping juice or as a tincture giving you the flexibility to use the product the way you want.

Our product is rich in natural CBD without the harming effect of THC. CBD will improve your sleep and focus since it reduces your stress, anxiety and pains. Get yourself a great flavor of strawberry custard dessert while you relax and calm down.

Lab Report

Gorilla CBD is a brand famous for producing CBD vape juices that are rich in flavor and pure CBD. The flavors of this company are unusual yet amazingly tasty.  


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