Green Roads - CBD Topical - Pain Cream - 350mg


Unit: Single - 350mg

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Green Roads CBD Topical Pain Cream

Your pain is not allowing you to enjoy the best in life, then we got you with our Green Roads CBD Topical Pain Cream to remove your pains. 

Our product is rich in CBD blended with menthol that gives you cooling followed by warming effect that will remove your minor aches and pains. CBD has the medical effects of removing muscles soreness and body pains. 

Apply the cream on the part that hurts you and massage it to your skin until full absorption and watch your pains go away, allowing you to continue your day as productive as possible. 

Purchase our Topical Pain Cream and say goodbye to daily muscles and joints pain and welcome comfortable productive life.  Product contains 350mg of CBD.

Lab Reports

Green Roads - CBD Topical - Pain Cream 350mg Lab Report

Green Roads is American company created by pharmacist to design and produce CBD products.Green Road is a company with a mission of helping every person find the healthiest version of themselves through the power of plants.

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