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CBD Tincture Full Spectrum Natural+CBG by Hyve CBD

Hyve CBD Tincture Full Spectrum Natural+CBG strives for your wellness and relaxation. You will enjoy the natural flavored CBD sublingually, in your favorite food or beverage. This full spectrum CBD tincture is enhanced with CBG, containing less than 0.3% of THC while using CO2 extraction method for full effect. Made with organic USA hemp, it is non-GMO and vegan. This CBD Tincture is available in a 30ml bottle of full spectrum hemp in a variety of CBD strengths, while its dropper bottle allows for controlled dosage levels.

Hyve CBD offers premium quality CBD to help for those in need to feel, stress and anxiety free, help decrease pain while offering comfort. Enjoy your day peacefully with unique and powerful medicinal properties. Meet your wellness goals with premium quality CBD that's highly effective, tested and verified to consume daily dose of exceptional hemp.

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