Koi CBD - CBD Topical - Lavender Koi Lotion - 200mg



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Koi CBD CBD Topical Lavender Koi Lotion 

Koi CBD CBD Topical Lavender Koi Lotion is skin-healing power of organic extracts with the restorative power of CBD blend designed specially for you. 

Our product contains CBD that hydrates and reduces inflammation of skin. The lotion also includes organic aloe, coconut, and lavender extracts that moisturize the skin and smooth it. 

Apply the lotion on your skin and massage gently until full absorption and notice how silky, smooth, healthy and beautiful your skin would become. Healthy skin makes our customers happy and we love making them happy!! 

Koi CBD is American premium CBD company that produces all types of CBD products from capsules and tinctures to bath and animal products. The company was featured in Forbes magazine as one of top USA CBD companies in quality.  

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