KYLE Premium CBD Lip Balm Cinnamon


Strength: 50mg

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KYLE Premium CBD Lip Balm Cinnamon

We designed KYLE Premium CBD Lip Balm Cinnamon to end your suffering with chopped and cracked lips all winter regardless of how much you apply lip balm on. 

Our lip balm contains 50mg of CBD, natural butters and oils. This blend of ingredients gives unlimited and long lasting hydration for your lip skin, smoothes and softens it as well. CBD in the product provides pain and inflammation reductions as well as treating scars on your lips.

Get our CBD lip balm, apply it as much as you need and enjoy silky smooth and healthy lips even during coldest winters. The aroma and flavor of the lip balm is cinnamon. Nothing will stop between you and perfect soft lips anymore!!

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KYLE shines for its wide range of CBD products, starting from disposable pods, devices, tinctures, lip balms, beauty and bath related products up to lotions that focused on your wellness preferences and expectations. The brand, established to design and provide the highest quality, 100% THC-free and broad-spectrum CBD products to the customers, will amaze you with its all natural CBD line.

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