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Unit: 4 Pack - 40mg

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Life Pack Organics CBD Capsules Flight Anxiety Caps

Every flight for you is a huge stress and ruins the mood of your vacation then try Life Pack Organics CBD Capsules Flight Anxiety Caps to get rid of your flight anxiety and flight relaxed. 

Our product contains 4 capsules each contains 10mg of CBD and 3mg of melatonin. CBD in the capsule will help reduce your stress and anxiety allowing you to stay calm and relaxed. Melatonin also reduces stress and helps you relax and fall sleep if it's a long flight. Our CBD is all-natural, vegan, and THC-free. 

To have a relaxed and anxiety free flight get our Flight Anxiety caps, take 1 to 2 Flight Pack capsules 30 minutes before your flight to help relieve anxiety and discomfort associated with flight travel. 

Life Pack Organics is American company with mission to change societal views on daily health. They source the most efficient and compliant materials to ensure our products deliver the highest quality Hemp Extract in every product. Life Pack Organics are here to elevate your health and wellness one product at a time.

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