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Medterra CBD Tablets Melatonin Sleep On The Go Packs

You wish you can regulate your sleep and have peaceful, comfortable and deep night sleep then try Medterra CBD Tablets Melatonin Sleep On The Go Packs. 

Each tablet contains 10mg of Melatonin that is a naturally occurring sleep-inducing hormone and CBD. Melatonin will regulate your sleep, and improve its quality. While CBD will reduce your stress and anxiety and help you relax preparing you for a good night sleep. Each tablet contains 25mg of CBD.

Get our Sleep Tablets, take one tablet 1 hour before your sleep and enjoy falling asleep relaxed and stress free and sleeping comfortably and deeply. Sleep won't be your worry anymore with our tablets. For your convenience, we packaged the tablets into a box of 20 Packs, 1 tablet per pack. Perfect for long flights use.

Founded in 2017 by a group of individuals passionate about the power of CBD products, Medterra CBD is a small West Hollywood-based company which prides itself in providing the highest quality CBD oil extracts and 99 percent pure CBD isolate at an affordable price.

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