Mr Salt E CBD Isolate Blue Razz Lemonade


Strength: 500mg

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Mr Salt E CBD Isolate Blue Razz Lemonade

Love the sourness notes in lemonade and blue raspberry then try this blend of flavors in Mr Salt E CBD Isolate Blue Razz Lemonade. 

Our vape product comes with lemonade and raspberry flavor blend that will satisfy your taste buds and refresh your breathing. CBD in the product has the medical effect of reducing stress and anxiety allowing you to stay calm and focused. Available in a 30ml bottle and three CBD strengths with a balanced VG/PG ratio, is suitable for usage in any device.

GeCBD vape product and enjoy the fruit blend and relaxing effects. You can use the product as a tincture or as a vape juice. Either you swallow the mix or puff it you would get relaxing effects and amazing calmness. 

CBD Strength: 500MG

  • 50%VG  50%PG
  • 16.7mg of CBD/mL

CBD Strength: 1000MG

  • 50%VG  50%PG
  • 33.3mg of CBD/mL

CBD Strength: 1500MG

  • 50%VG  50%PG
  • 50mg of CBD/mL

Lab Report

    Mr Salt-E CBD based out of Georgetown is dedicated to manufacturing and ensuring high-quality and 100% organic full spectrum hemp derived best CBD products paired with extensive selection of diverse eLiquid flavor profiles.


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