Nexa CBD Softgels Full Spectrum - 500mg


CBD Milligrams: 500mg

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CBD Softgels Full Spectrum by Nexa CBD

Nexa CBD Softgels Full Spectrum will allow you to be soothed by the power of mother nature. Each capsule contains a blend of Full-spectrum CBD, hemp extract, MCT oil, and other natural ingredients. This flavorless and travel friendly CBD capsules are verified and tested in a lab facility for its purity and consistency. This fast and effective method is the best way to consume your daily dose of CBD.

You can choose the milligram strength that best reflects your personal wellness goals, offering something unique to the body. Recommended to start with one softgel CBD daily and increase dosage as needed. 

Ingredients: Hemp Extract, Polysorbate (emulsifier,) MCT oil, Beta Caryophyllene, Gelatin Capsule.

CBD Origin: Oregon

Extraction Method: Ethanol

Lab Reports

Nexa CBD - CBD Softgels - Full Spectrum Lab Report

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