Nexa CBD Tincture Strawberry Kiwi - 250mg-1000mg


CBD Milligrams: 500mg

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CBD Tincture Strawberry Kiwi by Nexa 

Nexa CBD Tincture Strawberry Kiwi is formulated with fresh and delicious strawberry flavor and all natural ingredients. Made with broad spectrum CBD, rich in natural terpenes and cannabinoids, MCT oil, essential oils, coconut, natural and artificial flavoring. This exclusive tincture brings that unique flavor profile to treat your body with pure and potent cannabidiol. This formula comes in a 30ml bottle with different concentrations. Just take 1mL under the tongue or as needed daily and shake well before using. Also, feel free to add it to your favorite food or beverage of your choice. 

You can choose the milligram strength that best reflects your personal wellness goals, offering something unique to the body. The hemp within the formula has been properly tested by a third-party testing facility, ensuring quality, potency, and absolute purity. 

Ingredients: MCT oil, Essential oils, Natural Terpenes, Natural and Artificial flavoring. Contains Coconut.

CBD Origin: Oregon

Extraction Method: Ethanol

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