OG Labs CBD Edible Fiber Vitamin Gummies - 60pc-5mg


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CBD Edible Fiber Vitamin Gummies by OG Labs 

OG Labs CBD Edible Fiber Vitamin Gummies are made to be effective, reducing stress and anxiety and giving you relaxation. These gummies are colorful and tasteful treats infused with the highest quality CBD packed with fiber and vitamins, it is non-GMO, acceptable for vegans and free of artificial colors and preservatives. Using CO2 extraction method it is the purest CBD, containing no THC or nicotine. These fiber CBD gummies come in a range of fruity goodness, fresh strawberries, tasteful peach and delicious blackberry combination that's suitable for vegetarians. 

Provide your body with a healthy dose of CBD and take advantage of its benefits. These CBD gummies will help to restore your bodies strength, feeling pain fee, reducing tension and helping with digestive system, the perfect way to relax and feel great.

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