Social CBD Isolate Drops Ginger Lemon


Strength: 1000mg
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CBD Ginger Lemon Isolate Drops by Social CBD

The only thing better than a high-quality, clean CBD tincture is one that also tastes absolutely phenomenal. Social CBD Ginger-Lemon Isolate Drops allow your body to savor the refreshing yet exhilarating taste of warm ginger and bright citrus, all while giving your body a controlled dose of exceptional CBD isolate.

CBD isolate, for those who don’t know, is a type of hemp extract that contains only CBD, meaning that it’s free of other cannabinoids, as well as terpenes. This allows you to enjoy a uniquely dose of this highly beloved hemp compound.

Social CBD Isolate Drops Ginger Lemon contain natural flavoring, and you can learn more about the purity and quality of the CBD isolate itself by checking out the third-party lab reports that come straight from the manufacturer.

Truly changing the way in which you reach your full hemp potential.

Primary Flavors: Ginger, Lemon

Bottle Size: 30ml

Serving Size: Start with the lowest possible serving

CBD Strength: 250MG

  • 8.3mg of CBD/mL

CBD Strength: 500MG

  • 16.6mg of CBD/mL

CBD Strength: 1000MG

  • 33.3mg of CBD/mL

CBD Strength: 2000MG

  • 66.6mg of CBD/mL

    Lab Report

      THC: None

      Made in USA

      Usage: Use as directed on the product's label.

      Storage: Keep in a cool, dry place away from excessive heat, light, or humidity

      Social CBD produces and offers extensive range of CBD products, including CBD tinctures, drops, vape pens, balms, body lotions, gummies, CBD capsules, and patches that comply with the purity and consistency requirements, and are third party tested. The entire line and assortment that brand provides are highly demanded for their quality and available here, simply choose your option.

      What Is CBD ?


      RESTRICTIONS: This product is not for use by persons under the age of 18, not to be used during pregnancy or lactation. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Use it only as directed on the label. If you have a medical condition or take pharmaceutical drugs, please consult your physician before use. Keep out of reach from children.

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