GRN CBD Bath Bomb Cedarwood and Tangerine

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Strength: 35mg
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GRN CBD Bath Bomb Cedarwood and Tangerine

Love taking relaxing bath after long hard work day or heavy gym training then we got you the best bath bomb: GRN CBD Bath Bomb Cedarwood and Tangerine. 

Our bath bomb is rich in CBD and natural botanicals oils that will help your body to relax, remove your muscles soreness, reduce any pain and inflammation and prepare you for good night sleep. The bath bomb also smoothens your skin.

The aroma is natural wood one with notes of fresh tangerine. Purchase our bath bomb and have amazing relaxing bath routine every night. 

Established in 2016, GRN CBD line elaborated products made from USA grown hemp extract in order to ensure quality. The company produces bath bombs, gummies, tinctures and other products. More than 300 flavors by GRN are registered with the FDA offering maximum quality, original textures, and deliciousness. 

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