GRN CBD Infused Lotion Coconut

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Strength: 250mg
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GRN CBD Infused Lotion Coconut

Your regular skin lotion is not good enough to take care of your skin.. then we got your problem solved with our GRN CBD Infused Lotion Coconut.

Our lotion has the aroma of coconut that will last long on your skin giving you an attractive perfumery effect. Also the lotion mixes coconut oil with CBD that results in smoothing, hydrating, and improving your skin health. 

Apply the lotion on your skin and gently massage it till full absorption and enjoy the long lasting smoothing and hydrating effects of our wonderful CBD lotion. Your skin deserves to look and feel its best. 

Established in 2016, GRN CBD line elaborated products made from USA grown hemp extract in order to ensure quality. The company produces bath bombs, gummies, tinctures and other products. More than 300 flavors by GRN are registered with the FDA offering maximum quality, original textures, and deliciousness. 

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