HOLISTIK Wellness CBD Drink Mix Beauty Stir STIK - 10mg

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Wellness CBD Drink Mix Beauty Stir STIK by HOLISTIK 

HOLISTIK Wellness CBD Drink Mix Beauty Stir STIK is made to make you feel beautiful inside and out. Rejuvenates the skin and promotes healthy hair and nails. This broad-spectrum CBD contains collagen and other natural ingredients, to stir away your stress and anxiety leaving you feeling healthy. The hemp within the formula has been properly tested by a third-party testing facility, ensuring quality, potency, and absolute purity. This CBD drink strives for your wellness and relaxation.

HOLISTIK is a reliable source to consume pure quality CBD, all products are fully lab tested with verified concentrations of CBD. Safe and effective to use for those who need them most. Easy way to consume daily dose of exceptional hemp each and every day.

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HOLISTIK Wellness - CBD Drink Mix - Beauty Lab Report

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