KYLE Premium CBD Bath Bomb

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Strength: 200mg
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KYLE Premium CBD Bath Bomb

Want to upgrade your bath experience and have the ultimate relaxation experience then try our KYLE Premium CBD Bath Bomb. 

The package comes with 2 bath bombs each containing 100mg of CBD and essential oils and natural butters. First bomb is with lavender extractions that you should use when you want total relaxation experience since lavender and CBD both have the medical effect of relaxing the body and mind. Second bomb is with pineapple and mango aroma when you want more funky experience and more colorful bath. 

Get our CBD bath bombs, fill your bathtub, get in, drop the bath bomb into the water and enjoy the aroma, and the total relaxation experience. 

Lab Report

KYLÉ shines for its wide range of CBD products, starting from disposable pods, devices, tinctures, lip balms, beauty and bath related products up to lotions that focused on your wellness preferences and expectations. The brand, established to design and provide the highest quality, 100% THC-free and broad-spectrum CBD products to the customers, will amaze you with its all natural CBD line.  

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