Lazarus Naturals - CBD Topical - Unscented Full Spectrum Balm - 300mg-1200mg

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Lazarus Naturals - CBD Topical - Unscented Full Spectrum Balm: 300mg - 1200mg

You asked, we listened. For folks who may be sensitive to scented balms or who want all the benefits of our Full Spectrum CBD Balms without the scent, we have the solution. Our brand new Unscented Balm was minimally crafted for maximum impact and limited fragrance.


Lazarus Naturals pays close attention to the wants and needs of all customers, and for users who may be sensitive to scented topicals, here's an incredibly soothing, remarkably effective Unscented Full Spectrum CBD Balm. This impressive topical contains the finest, hand-selected ingredients including: Organic Beeswax, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Organic Mango Butter, and more. The full spectrum CBD used in the formulation of Lazarus Naturals Unscented CBD Balm is extracted from hemp grown on-site using the cleanest possible extraction methods. When you need a soothing CBD topical and the idea of even the most desirable scent is the least desirable thing you can imagine, then treat yourself to the Unscented Full Spectrum CBD Balm from Lazarus Naturals.

To ensure that the Unscented Full Spectrum CBD Balm is to their exact specifications Lazarus Naturals is directly involved in the production of this powerful topical from the time they plant the top-quality hemp seeds, to the day the product ships to you. Each and every Lazarus Naturals Unscented Full Spectrum CBD has undergone third-party lab testing to confirm its contents and quality. Unlike other CBD brands, Lazarus Naturals does not use any GMOs in their CBD topicals, because keeping things as close to nature is of the highest priority. The Unscented Full Spectrum CBD Balm is available in 300mg and 1,200mg sizes, is highly portable, and a fantastic option for the CBS user on the go.

How It's Made

Lazarus Naturals leaves nothing to chance when it comes to producing this unscented CBD balm, and by taking a seed-to-shelf approach are able to ensure quality every step of the way. Oftentimes other CBD companies will source their CBD from various third-party farms, but Lazarus Naturals puts forth the additional effort to grow their own hemp. After the seeds have been carefully planted at Lazarus Naturals farm, they are treated with the utmost respect through ethical farming practiced by some of the most experienced hemp farmers in the country. Once the plants have lived their happy life on the bucolic farm and have grown to full maturity, they are harvested and prepared for the next phase of production.

The raw hemp plants are moved to an on-site drying facility where they are carefully dried to the optimum moisture level. Lazarus Naturals uses a proprietary ethanol-based extraction method that is extremely clean and moves the desired compounds from the hemp plant to the resulting extract with great efficiency. To further purify the powerful extract used in the Unscented Full Spectrum CBD Balm, it is then put through a distillation process that leaves Lazarus Naturals with the pure, potent, finished extract that customers have grown to know and love. To ensure the utmost quality, Lazarus Naturals sends all of their products to third-party laboratories to undergo rigorous quality testing. When formulating the Unscented Full Spectrum CBD Balm, Lazarus Naturals takes great care to use only the finest ingredients in combination with their incredibly high-quality full spectrum CBD.

Third-Party Testing

Lazarus Naturals cares deeply about the health and wellbeing of their customers and want to ensure that when their customers use this Unscented Full Spectrum CBD Balm they are getting the absolute best quality product possible. To accomplish this goal, Lazarus Naturals takes it upon themselves to get a second opinion, and sends all Unscented Full Spectrum CBD Balms to third-party laboratories to be tested by highly-qualified scientists and technicians. 

The high-tech third-party laboratories confirm the contents, purity, and potency of this delightful CBD topical, and test for the presence of heavy-metals, toxic chemicals, and pesticides. All to ensure that you are getting a pure, potent, high-quality CBD experience when you use this impressive Unscented CBD Balm. Lazarus Naturals knows just how important it is to know exactly what you are putting in your body, so they make lab reports available for all of their products.

Carefully Selected Ingredients

To make the best product you cannot simply skip out on using high-quality ingredients. This is a concept Lazarus Naturals is well aware of, and to embrace this school of thought, they only use the finest, carefully selected botanical ingredients in this Full Spectrum CBD Balm. From the strain of hemp seeds planted in the ground, to the hand-picked ingredients included in its formulation, Lazarus Naturals Unscented Full Spectrum CBD Balm stands out amongst the crowd as something truly special. Alongside the incredible CBD, fractionated Coconut oil is one of the super-star ingredients in this formulation. The medium-chain triglycerides contained in the coconut oil encourage healthy body function and help you more quickly absorb and access the benefits of CBD.

  • Made with Full Spectrum Hemp Extract
  • Apply as needed over the affected area.
  • 1/2 teaspoon contains 50mg of CBD (for topical use only)
  • Scentless for those with odor sensitivities

Ingredients: Organic Mango Butter, Organic Beeswax, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Hemp Extract, Oleic Acid, Isopropyl Myristate

Lab Reports

0.5oz - 300mg Lab Report
.67oz - 400mg Lab Report

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