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CBD Milligrams: 10mg
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Mint Wellness CBD Edible Tropical Gummies 

Nothing can beat taking CBD as a gummies!! You enjoy the flavor of gummy and take your daily CBD dose at once with Mint Wellness CBD Edible Tropical Gummies.

Our gummies are rich in CBD as each gummy contains 10mg of CBD that will improve your health by reducing stress and anxiety allowing you to stay calm and sleep better at night. The gummies are flavored with six tropical fruits flavors. Your taste buds would try new flavor everyday so you don't get bored and keep the excitement high. 

Get our gummies and enjoy the tropical fruit flavors and relaxing effects of CBD that would improve your overall wellbeing and health. Each package contains 20 gummies. 

Mint Wellness is a company based out of Las Vegas Nevada and is one of the hardest working CBD brands in the market and the efforts are easily noticeable through their product line. The company has an extensive range of CBD products in quality and elegant packaging.

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