Mizo CBD - CBD Drink Mix - The Singles - 20mg

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Mizo CBD CBD Drink Mix The Singles 

Want to have CBD with your drink but without it affecting the taste of your baverage then use Mizo CBD CBD Drink Mix The Singles. 

Our product is a bag containing 5 individual pouches of powder, each containing 20mg of CBD. The CBD present in the powder is an isolate, meaning that no other compounds from the cannabis plant are combined with it. As a result, this CBD is as pure as it gets. The CBD is odorless and flavorless so it won't affect the flavor of your drink. You can add the powder to cold or hot drinks or even food however stirring until full absorption is very important. 

Get our CBD drink mix singles and take it with you everywhere you go. The product is very compact that will fit even in your pocket. Pour the powder into a drink, stir well, drink and enjoy the relaxing effects after 30 minutes. 

Mizo CBD is a brand that specializes in producing CBD drinks as it was developed to solve the number one issue with today’s CBD drink products: DOSING. They decided to solve this issue and developed two drink options either scooper so you decide the dose you want or singles that contains one single dose of CBD drink powder. 

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