Papa & Barkley - CBD Topical - Releaf Repair Cream - 450mg

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Papa & Barkley CBD Topical Releaf Repair Cream

Have been looking for so long for the best face and neck cream but nothing satisfies you then use Papa & Barkley CBD Topical Releaf Repair Cream. 

Our cream is rich in CBD that reduces inflammation, irritation and pain of your face and neck. The cream also contains jojoba and aqualene  oil that acts as strong moisturizing agents. This botanical cream is ideal for topical repair and deep hydration. 

Get our CBD repair cream, apply it on your face and neck twice daily and massage gently until full absorption. Notice how good the cream affected your skin. Best cream as it is airy, light and spreads smoothly on the skin. 30mL bottle contains 450mg of CBD.

Papa & Barkley is a family of caregivers, scientists, farmers, and professionals on a mission to unlock the power of cannabis sativa to improve lives. They produce CBD products from organic hemp flowers and test the products properly to improve your wellbeing and health.

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